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"First, I wanted to say thanks to maintenance for the amazing response time on fixing the Steps here on Ellsworth Avenue.  I think they were out here the day after I sent the email about it!"

-Jessica in Shadyside via Email


"Hi... I had to call the emergency maintenance service tonight because my bathroom flooded due to a clogged drain. Ryan came out to fix the problem. He was wonderful... very professional, calm, and nice to talk to. He arrived in a timely fashion and fixed the clog.

I just wanted to give some positive feedback because it's refreshing to have good service. Thank you, Ryan!"

-Coralyn in Friendship via Email


"Hi Bonny... I'm writing to let you know that I unfortunately will not be renewing my lease for the coming year for [my apartment]. I've really enjoyed the beautiful apartment over the past several years and am sorry to leave!"

-Karen in Point Breeze via Email


"Lived at 3510 Louisa Street for the past year, and I must say that they have the best of the best for Oakland housing- didn't have a single maint issue all year cause the place was in such good shape. Girl who came by to clean the hallways weekly always friendly. Office people were always friendly the few times I called. And the dude with the ponytail that showed me apt originally was really cool."

-Ted in Oakland via Google


"Dear Megan, Bonny, and Maintenance Management,

I am writing to tell you (again) about the great work and service that your maintenance team (Mike, Jack, and Cory) have provided me during my two-year stay at your residence address above. Even though Corey is the newest one amonf these three, his skills are pretty good and will get better, too. These guys can pinpoint a problem and fix it in little or no time. They are very efficient and have excellent people skills - they know how to talk to people and treat people with respect and kindness. I have been impressed with and appreciate the quality of workmanship, skill and service.

I want to make sure not to miss this opportunity to give these guys kudos for their work."

-Shirley in Morningside via letter


"...I was so impressed with how well Kim handled the situation [with my lost keys]. She was so helpful and willing to go above and beyond to help me even though I had called her near the closing at 4:30. Her and Joe really seemed concerned and willing to try and alleviate the stress of the situation. Their geniune concern did come as a surprise to be and I wanted to make sure I thanked them again for really helping me out."

-Christy in Oakland via letter


“…I would like to thank you for your excellent service and for allowing us the opportunity to rent from you. I assure you that your services will be highly recommended to anyone who asks me about the quality of Forbes Management.”
-John in Shadyside via letter


“Dear Forbes Management,
I wanted to write a quick note to thank you for your excellent customer service. I’ve called a few times in the past two weeks with various problems (ants, fridge not working), and each time they were handled promptly, either the same day or the next day. I really appreciate your responsiveness.
-Rachel in Morningside via letter

“Forbes Management Staff.
Thank you for renting to us these last 3 years! We enjoyed our stay while it lasted, we started our family here and it holds a special place in our hearts! Now our family is growing and we need more space. It’s been wonderful, but it’s time to move on. We hope you’ve enjoyed having us. Have happy holidays and may God richly bless you all.”
-Kyle, Talia & Brooklyn in Morningside via letter

“I really can't say enough about this management company. I've lived in their buildings for 3 years now, and I have literally no complaints. Not only is my building beautiful, but if anything goes wrong, Forbes has been great about repairs. My dishwasher wasn't working well, and they replaced it, no questions asked. Same went for my stove. Their maintenance people are professional, on time, and reliable. The office staff has been excellent and kind with me. My building is impeccably maintained, cleaned weekly, and the outdoor area is also maintained well. I'd highly recommend them for anyone looking to rent.”
-Chad P. in Oakland via yelp.com

"Dear Forbes,

Thanks for five years of good service. It has been a pleasure renting from you."

-Katie in Highland Park via letter