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Properties Available in Squirrel Hill/Point Breeze

Quiet Point Breeze, once home to H.C. Frick as well as George Westinghouse, is a neighborhood full of artists, students and families who like to be close to art and parks. Featuring a climbing wall, the East-end Food Co-op, Free Ride bicycle shop, and Trader Joe’s, Point Breeze is convenient to Squirrel Hill, Regent Square, Frick Park, and East Liberty and is serviced extensively by bus.

Squirrel Hill is a lively and cultural neighborhood between Oakland, Shadyside, Frick Park and Schenley Park. Situated very closely to Carnegie Mellon University, Squirrel Hill offers diverse food and shopping options on its Murray Avenue corridor as well as the Forbes Avenue Corridor as well as easy access to the Universities in Oakland as well as shopping at The Waterfront.

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